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Coping With Covid - Evening Lecture
(01:22:19 | 94.2Mb | £15)
Rightly or wrongly the world is now beginning to emerge from its Coronavirus Lockdown - and as well as being faced with those new challenges that this presents many of us - the sensitive and psychical - are beginning to realise the toll that this unique and unprecedented situation has placed upon them! In this very special lecture Edwin Courtenay - clairvoyant, healer and channel - explores the exact nature of these energetic strains, their causes and their remedy and how we might take steps to prevent ourselves from suffering them again! As well as this he will explore those new challenges that lie before us now and which Angels, Masters and Crystals we might call upon to help us face these potentially difficult times - not alone but rather armed and accompanied on the journey ahead.
Lemuria - Workshop
(02:32:41 | 123.60Mb | £40)
This workshop explores the mystery of that ancient and forgotten land of Lemuria or Mu – the true Garden of Eden – that pre-dated Atlantis, where the template for the eventual and ultimate New World was anchored and grounded.

With the help of the Archangel Lemuriel – the Archangel of Lemuria – and the spirits of the Lemurians themselves – such as the Dreaming People and the Bee Shamen we will explore the nature of Lemuria and its purpose and the function of the original people who populated it and what became of them.

We will explore the Lemurian elementals the Water Envoys, the Fire Drakes, the Stone Kind and the Wonderers and receive from them gifts of empowerment that might help us in our remembrance and the creation of our new reality – the New Earth. This promises to be a fascinating, powerful and potent day of discovery where we will rediscover our own Lemurian connections and links, our “Lemurian lineage” as well as discovering the unique connection between this ancient time which occurred before the beginning of everything on Earth and now – as we stand on the threshold of a new beginning.