Edwin Courtenay

Meditation Music

Meditation Title (hrs:mins:secs)Download
Ascended Master (00:27:30)
Atlantis Meditation (00:31:07)
Earth Healing (00:30:19)
Crystal Meditation (00:19:12)
Familiar Spirit (00:28:05)
Pan's Call (00:12:47)
Lemuria (00:29:25)
Angels Call (00:04:00)
Elemental Sacred Space (00:22:17)
Spirit Meadow (00:20:24)
The Sarim (00:10:35)
Queen Of The Dragons (00:23:38)
The Last Dragon (00:19:31)
Violet Ray Key (00:19:29)

These music tracks have been created by Andrew Helme. They are free for you to download and use in anyway you like but an acknowledgement would be nice :-)

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Many thanks

Andrew & Ed