Magick To Go is the second book in the "To Go..." series offering a magickal primer to the neophyte and uninitiated and a reference book of potent mysteries to the adept and well practised. Packed full with Edwin's unique perspective of what magick is and how it works drawn from his 31 years of study and personal experience of Wicca, wizardry and spiritual contact with the elementals and Gods. The book talks about aspects and elements of magick hitherto unexplored such as how the magick in flowers, herbs, trees and weeds work! The nature of personal magick and how to accentuate it, Magickal Laws and how to work with and around them, the nature of the masculine and feminine elements and much, much more! Featuring some of Edwin's own spells and rituals Magick To Go is a perfect cover to cover read - offering a system of practice and understanding which is easy to follow and yet deep and profound, as well as being a great book to dip in and out of when you need to jog your magickal memory about a secret or two of the universe. A spellbinding work Magick To Go is perfect for the witch or wizard on the move, the mobile magician and the hedgewitch on holiday!

In perfect love and perfect trust - so mote it be!

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