Here be a message from the CunningMan. Take heed of his words for they last but 24 hours. After the next rising of the sun return for wisdom offered as you choose.

The Star
There are many magickal stars, the five pointed pentagram that represents among other things elemental balance, the six pointed hexagram which has comes to represent the Merkabah and the co joining of Spirit and Soul and the seven pointed Heptogram which represents the fairy folk, magickal energy and the seven classical planetary powers. There are others of course too, stars of light and darkness, each holding powerful spiritual forces which can be invoked and banished through their correct use. These stars shine about you now calling you to remember a time when you used their power before! A time of magick and mystery when you wielded great magick and understood powerful truths. The stars call you now, asking you to return to your books and meditations in order that you might remember and once again claim that power which has in the past been yours. Look then to your far memories, your power is calling you as it returns home!