This is an online Zoom Sunday Angel Service with Edwin Courtenay and the Angels

Come and join us for an hour of FREE spiritual nurturing at the hands of the Archangels through the channelling of Edwin Courtenay.

Twice monthly Edwin and Andrew invite you to an online Sunday Angel Service, a chance to feast on the light and wisdom, comfort and healing of the Angels and participate in sending out light, love and healing to the world.

Each service will last an hour and comprise of a live trance channelling from the Angels, a meditation to either send or receive healing and light from the realm's Divine, 20 minutes of clairvoyant messages from the angelic realm given by Edwin to those who attend and a channelled prayer blessing to take with you into the week ahead.

The channelling, meditation and blessing will be recorded (but NOT the messages) and made available after the service for you to use time and time again.

The service is FREE but you may if you choose leave a donation to one of our suggested charities by clicking on the buttons below

Sunday 14th February
Sunday 28th February
Sunday 14th March
Sunday 28th March
Sunday 8th August
Sunday 22nd August
Sunday 5th September
Sunday 19th September
Sunday 10th October
Sunday 24th October
Sunday 14th November
Sunday 12th December
Friday 24th December
This is an archive of the 2021 Sunday Angel Services