Sacred Sound Healing - £40

Digital emailed
With CD posted UK only (£50)
Sacred Sound Healing (sometimes referred to as sound baths) utilises vibration in the form of ancient scales and powerful musical tones played on instruments both ancient and modern to rebalance, revitalise and re order the subtle holistic energies of a persons mind, heart, body and spirit.

Using a combination of drum, monochord, solfeggio pipes, crystal singing bowls, crystal harp, tongue drums, kochi bells and flutes Edwin will create a tailor made sound bath for you guided by spirit to cater to your holistic need.

Adding to this chants, mantras and song Edwin as a Walkadour - spell singer - will weave the baritone sound of his voice amongst the instruments bringing into effect elements of soul retrieval and the conjuration of the violet flame to clear blockages - both past life and present - in order to free the client so that they might embrace their spiritual journey.

Absent sacred sound sessions are recorded and sent as a digital download so that you can enjoy and benefit from them time and time again.

Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the healing power of sacred sound and be transformed, healed and renewed!