Edwin Courtenay

Spirit Guides, Patrons and Guardian Angels - £40

A written report of between 500 to 1000 words sent directly to your inbox as a PDF detailing your Guardian Angel, those Spirit Guides and the Ascended Master and Archangelic Patrons working with you at this moment in time.

Detailing their appearance - their calling cards (the way in which they might choose to manifest to you through colours and symbols) - and what crystals, aromas and herbs are associated with them. As well as how to better personally align to them through ritual and meditation.

The report also details those messages that your spiritual guides and patrons hold for you at this time regarding the further fulfilment of your spiritual path, your psychical health and well being and the reclaiming of your past life talents and development of spiritual gifts.

Who is the reading for?
Perfect for those seeking to discover their guides and guardians for the first time and strengthen their relationship with them or those who think that they are experiencing a shift in their spiritual team.