Psychic To Go draws upon Edwin Courtenay’s forty three years of experience of being a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic medium and his twenty eight years of experience teaching this subject.

Defining clearly what a psychic, mystic and medium is - so that the reader might recognise these traits and potentials within themselves - the book explores how to move forwards with developing these talents. Looking in detail at the various manifestations of these powers and how to court them with simple exercises and meditative techniques. Psychic To Go also explores safe guarding methods for the sensitive so that they might both live their life shielded from the toxic energies which are abound in our modern day world, as well as developing their gifts safely in spaces both personal and domestic that are cleansed and protected. The book also details tools, colours, crystals, essential oils and herbs that can accentuate spiritual and psychical development as well as suggesting organisations and further reading material that the would be psychic might turn to for further development and understanding of the various wonders that they might encounter on their way.

Psychic To Go includes topics such as:-

Psychic To Go is your one stop shop for all things that will help you develop your inherent psychical, mediumistic and channelling abilities, an invaluable resource that you can return to again and again no matter whether you are just curious or seeking to further the manifestation of your abilities for yourself or to use for others. A precious portable power house of wisdom and light!

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