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With Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme

Available ONLY to those who have completed levels 1 & 2 of the Mage Light System Mage Light 3 & 4 goes further into exploring and developing the power of the Mage Light energy to the Adept and Ipssissimus levels.

Over the course of this 5 day retreat Edwin Courtenay clairvoyant, channel, magician and founder of the Mage Light System will be your initiator, teacher and guide leading you ever deeper into contact with the power of the Divine magic that resides within. Exploring the magic of your inner Goddess and God - the Divine Mother and Father aspect of your power as well as that which transcends them the Divine Spirit the creatrix of original magic!

This retreat explores the relationship between the Ida and Pingala energy lines in the body, your right and left hemispheres in the brain and your Anima and Animus the psychological manifestation of your masculine and feminine nature and their relationship to both the Gods and your power to create dynamically and passively through evocation and invocation bidding and command. All of which can help in amplifying your magical energy and your power to manifest.

It also explores your connection to cosmic and transcendent power high magic the magic of the stars, planets, cosmos and greater universe and the role you might play as an Ipssissimus a Master Magician whose reach includes the greater awakenment and destiny of the world through the awakenment and alteration of consciousness.

As before no former knowledge of magical theory is required and all empowerment and the power used in magical practice comes from within rather than from relying upon Gods, spirits or angels. All those who attend will receive upon completion a digital manual, which will enable then to pass on levels 3 & 4 as either a retreat or series of workshops and lectures.

We will also be venturing out into the Northumbrian landscape to explore some of the local power places linked to the magic and practice of the system and once again enjoy and utilise the unique magic of Brinkburn Priory where the retreat will be held.

*Please note spaces are limited on this retreat and there will only be one of its kind held this year as a result of this if you are interested please book early to avoid dissapointment.

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