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Mon 7th - Fri 11th

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An enchanting retreat exploring the power, wisdom and magic of the Faerie Folk with Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme.

Of all the elementals that exist the Faerie Folk capture the hearts and imagination of those awakened to the other worlds more than any other. From the Fairie Godmother of our childhood fairie stories to the tantalising glimpses of the their enchanted realm documented throughout history from the medieval period to the Victorian age.

In this 5 day retreat Edwin Courtenay spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, channel and magician will be your guide, helping you to explore the reality of the faerie folk and their realm, their true nature and power so that you might better discern truth from superstition, whilst learning how to commune with them and draw upon their magic and power for manifestation, protection and for healing the self, others and the world.

You will also be introduced to and aligned with your own Faerie Godparent a member of the most ancient species of the Faerie Folk known as the Fey who will serve as your guide and teacher throughout the retreat and beyond!

The retreat will include meditations and magical/shamanic journeys into the otherworld, experiential group rituals and exercises, personal channelled information for all who attend and live trance channelled communication from the Faerie themselves. We will also be journeying out onto the landscape to explore first hand the reality of some of those local locations associated with the Faerie Folk as well as working directly with that Faerie portal located in the ground of Brinkburn Priory where the retreat is to be held.

The retreat is designed as a 'pass along' retreat meaning that anyone who attends will be qualified to teach the retreat as a retreat or a series of workshops themselves once the week is completed using a provided fully in depth manual with scripted meditations.

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