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Free Workshop - FREE

with Edwin Courtenay
The free workshop is a thank you for all that have attended Ed's workshops throughout the year both here in Northumberland and elsewhere in the country. If I can't find your booking on a workshop I may ask you to let me know which one you attended - Thank you.

The Light Codes are those invisible downloads of energy and information sent directly from the Divine and the Higher Self that speak to the energy of our body and spirit. They contain within them psychic upgrades, spiritual software and patches for the etheric systems of the body to help us journey and navigate through the ever changing rigours of our world. In this very special one day workshop Edwin Courtenay spiritual channel and clairvoyant will explore and explain the nature of the Light Codes and those transpersonal chakras within our energy body that we can actively use to receive and download them. Throughout the day via meditation and through spiritual exercises we will open to receive new light codes for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and learn how we can actively pass those codes received onto others. Spirit through Edwin directly in light trance will unpack the codes received revealing exactly what we have received and why. This promises to be a powerful day of spiritual upgrades and downloads an immersive gift of sacred sound and light that you are invited to give to yourself so that you might in turn pass it onto others!

Date:Sunday 16th December 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
To Book:email:

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