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The Mysteries Of The Templar
Date: Sunday 18th August┃Time: 11am - 4pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £40
The Knights Templar were a French military order of the Catholic faith, and one of the wealthiest and most popular orders in Western Christianity.

They existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages and were originally endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church. Amongst the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades rumours concerning their secret knowledge, power and initiations eventually created distrust leading the order to be hunted down, persecuted and destroyed and ultimately disbanded 1312.

Much mystery abounds concerning the Templar - their connection to mysterious Baphomet Skull and whether it was truly the head of Christ or the missing Crystal Skull of Atlantis! What hold did they have over the Catholic Church that gave them such power and where were their true origins from?

In this experiential workshop Edwin Courtenay with the aid of the lesser known Ascended Master Lord Craven - Ascended Master of the Templar mysteries - will for the first time shed some spiritual light and truth on this enigma.

Outlining the origin of the order from ancient Atlantis and recording its ascension through the times of Jesus to it's ultimate grizzly end. Revealing the connection that exists between light workers and the order now and how this might be further explored, developed and awoken.

Using meditation and exercises as well as live trance channellings from the Ascended Master Craven and the Crystal Skull collective Edwin will unveil ancient lost power techniques for self mastery, psychic defence, healing, space clearing, entity release and much, much more!

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