Working With The Divine Plan
Date: Sunday 31st March┃Time: 11am - 4pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £40
Many people talk about the “Divine Plan” but what exactly do they mean by it?

Which Divine are they referring to? And is this plan purely the Divines - for its own exclusive benefit or for the greater good of all? And what part of this plan belongs to us exactly and how does this fit within the greater broader picture?

This workshop aims to answer these questions and more by exploring and explaining the understanding of the “The Plan” as unfolded to Edwin by the Masters and the Angels over the last 32 years of his working with them.

Also with the aid of the Archangel Metatron (the voice of God) and Zagzagael (the wisdom of God and the Angel of the Burning Bush) Edwin will through live trance channelling bring forwards direct information explaining some of the more challenging and baffling concerns voiced to him by his many clients throughout his years of spiritual service. Such as in disease, natural disasters, war, pollution, injustice and murder!

The second half of the workshop will explore how we might become more aware of our Divine Plan, that held and outlined by our Higher Self - the Soul - what leeway we have in regards to it, how we might “renegotiate” elements of it and how we might better embrace it and work with it.

We will explore the elements of our own spiritual progression and ascension and how this connects to spiritual service and our part within the greater purpose of the Divine for our world and the universe beyond.

The workshop will be filled with not only fascinating and illuminating theory but also practical and useful meditations and exercises that will:-

This workshop is for both the beginner - new to the path and the advanced - seeking to switch up a gear on their journey, setting all who attend on track for the trials, tribulations and victories of the year ahead.

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  • This event will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.
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