The Merlin Speaks Week 03. Magical Manifestation
Date: Tuesday 12th December┃Time: 7pm - 8pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £15
The Merlin Speaks
The Spirit of the Merlin is a Cosmic Ascended Master Light Being born from the Divine at the beginning of Earth's manifestation. Created as a bridging consciousness between mankind and the wisdom, power and realms of magic. The Spirit of the Merlin - too great a consciousness to incarnate directly - has guided humanity throughout time by choosing avatars on Earth to work with and through such as the Druid Emrys - now the Ascended Master St Germain - who became known during the Arthurian period as the legendary Merlin the Magician.

In this three part series of channelled evenings Edwin Courtenay - a long time channel for the Spirit of the Merlin - will play host to this great consciousness .Allowing it to communicate directly through him in light trance. Offering spiritual truth and guidance on a variety of topics to help empower those seeking to maximise their personal magical potential, talents and abilities. The Spirit of the Merlin will through Edwin answer audience questions directly and lead those present in a meditation or magical exercise to help further awaken their abilities.

Week 3 - Magical Manifestation
The Spirit of the Merlin - through the Druid Emrys - was famed for his ability to conjure. Whether it was the conjuration of illusions so real that they could fool entires legions of soldiers or whether it was the materialisation of thought into matter through the bidding and cajoling of the elements.

In this evenings channelling the Spirit of the Merlin will explain the various approaches to magical manifestation from the shaping of the astral light to the manipulation of Universal Law. He will expand on the magical principles of bidding and binding that they might be used in calling into being our hearts desire and anchoring and grounding them into reality.

Enabling all to see that magic is a universal power - open to everyone irrespective of religion or creed, encouraging all to utilise this Divine given gift to make their lives and the lives of those they love around them better. In the evenings meditation we will experience first hand a simple practice for conjuring such magic, using the archetype of the Magicians Tower. Its form a focus point for crystallising our will and desire into reality.

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