Magical Musica - The Art of Sacred Sound Healing
Date: Sunday 26th November┃Time: 11am - 4pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £40
Spirit have long said that sound is the medicine of the future - both a preventative and curative vibrational force that anyone might use for themselves or another.

In this experiential workshop Edwin Courtenay - walkadour (spell singer) and sacred soul healer alongside Andrew Helme - spiritual composer - will combine their talents to offer as truly unique sacred soul healing experience. Drawing upon the wisdom of the Archangel of Sacred Sound - Shamshiel and the Ascended Master of vibrational healing Hilarion as well as his many years experience using voice, sacred sound instruments and electronic music to heal Edwin will reveal how rhythm, tone, melody and harmony can be simply employed to heal body, mind, heart and spirit.

With specially composed music by Andrew Helme - all of which will be available to those who attend as downloads after the workshop - Edwin will reveal how sound can be used to maintain health and ward against disease, illness and imbalance as well as how it might be used to treat illness, using simple tools provided for the self and others.

One of the first healers in the UK to pioneer electronic sound healing techniques Edwin is providing here for the first time information from his Sacred Sound Retreat cancelled many years ago due to his fathers death revealing at last magical mysteries and techniques drawn from his 32 years experience as a healer and from the heart of the spiritual world itself!

Important Booking Information PLEASE READ

  • This event will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • If you do not have Zoom, visit and sign up for free or download the app.
  • This payment is per household and you can have as many people squeezed around your device as you like :-)
  • The link to the event is in your Paypal receipt AND your account.
  • This workshop will be recorded as audio only and made available to attendees for free and later for public sale. Before it is made available we will remove all references to anyone who participates including all conversations between participants and/or Edwin. All that will remain is Edwin's teachings and any meditations.
  • Please email: if you have any questions.