Children Of Khepri Group 2
Date: Friday 14th October┃Time: 7pm-9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £10022Apply

Khepera is the active principle of creation, the life force energy which is the White Alchemical Fire that comes from the heart of the Great Central Sun - the Divine. Manifested as the ancient, lost and forgotten God Khepri. Said to have been given as a gift to the order of the Light of Dawning in Atlantis this power was used in the Temples of Ascension to aid in the evolution of the planet - carrying within it the Solar Fire, which is the fuel of the Ascension process for mankind and the Earth. Transferred after the Great Destruction to the ancient Egyptian Temples it was seen and recognised as the power of life giving light that issued forth from Atum the Source, was brandished by Ra the Creator, used to heal and regenerate by Osiris the God of Resurrection and to see through illusion and darkness by his son Horus the God of Protection and Sight. This 4 week course offers an initiation into this great power, restoring the energy body to light and opening it to the esoteric magic of white alchemy. Enabling the initiate to become a constant channel for this great force, surrounding them in a field of protective light like no other. It explains the foundations of the power and introduces it's spiritual patrons, providing simple and yet potent techniques through which this energy might be applied in a variety of ways from the profoundly spiritual to the necessary mundane.

The course is experiential and practical with no previous knowledge of magic or ascension practices required and is perfect for those who find themselves drawn to Atlantis, Ascension, ancient Egypt, healing and magic. It will include live trance channelling, initiations, meditations, simple, practical and yet powerful exercises and much much more! The course will be recorded and these made available to participants alongside pdf notes, symbols and diagrams at no extra cost. Attendance of the entire course is mandatory in order to receive the recordings and notes with exceptions made for unavoidable circumstances.

Support will be offered between sessions via email and full attendance of the course is mandatory in order to complete the course and receive your certificate (unless there are exceptional circumstances). PLEASE NOTE This course does not qualify you to teach the system but rather qualifies you as a practitioner only.

  • The Zoom course is spread over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions (7pm-9pm) every Friday evening beginning 14th October followed by 21st October, 4th November & 11th November 2022.
  • Please note the break between week 2 & 3.
  • All meditation music used on the course will be available exclusively to participants for their use when teaching the course.
  • The payment is per person and numbers are limited to 24.
  • This is an updated version of Kephera Level 1 if you have attended this course you are eligilbe for a 25% discount. Please mention this when applying.
  • IMPORTANT If your application is accepted you will be emailed the course Zoom link.