Practical Magick 3.Healing With Seashells
Date: Tuesday 19th April┃Time: 7pm - 9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £20
Many of us are very familiar with healing with gemstones and crystals but seashells?! And yet it is very probable that healing via the laying on of shells upon the body predates the laying on of crystals my many, many years cross culturally across the world.

Unlike crystal - which work primarily on the energy system through the mental body - seashells work directly and dynamically upon the emotional body via the water element. Freeing trapped and blocked emotional energy from the heart chakra and energy system.

In this interactive lecture Edwin Courtenay - author of Healing To Go - will reveal how seashells can be used simply and yet effectively upon the self and for others to bring about powerful relief and healing transformation for all manner of conditions and maladies from head ache and heart ache to restless sleep.

Some seashells will be required in order for you to participate in some of the exercises this evening but small and simple seashells will work just as well as large and glamorous ones.

The lecture will include meditations, exercises and live trance channelling from the Envoys - the ancient Lemurian elementals of the sea!

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