Edwin Courtenay

Title: Unlocking Your Psychic Potential G1 ┃Date: Thursday 4th November┃Time: 7pm-9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £80Places: -2
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This 4 week online course explores the three “Clairs” - clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience alongside an aspect pf psychical power rarely spoken of - psychic healing and psychic manifestation!

Edwin Courtenay’s psychical abilities first manifested when he was five years old - disappearing only for four years when he surpassed them due to peer pressure at school - before being unlocked again aged sixteen when he recognised them for what they truly were.

Utilising them to read for others from aged 20 he has been honing them for 30 years and now - for the first time - chooses to share his techniques, secrets and practices with the world!

Throughout this four week course we will explore:

Through live trance channelled communications, meditation and exercises this course will endeavour to unlock within those who participate their hidden power. Accentuating that which exists and focusing its energy bringing them to new heights of extension and clarity.

All meditations, exercises and channellings will be recorded and made available to course participants for free and extensive PDF course notes made available upon request.

  • The Zoom course is spread over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions (7pm-9pm) every Thursday evening beginning 4th November followed by 11th, 18th & 25th 2021.
  • The channellings, guided meditations and exercises will be recorded and made available for free to the participants.
  • Everyone will get a copy of Ed's course notes in a pdf format.
  • All meditation music used on the course will be available exclusively to participants for their use when teaching the course.
  • The payment is per person and numbers are limited to 24.
  • This is a pass along course meaning you will have the tools to be able to teach this yourself to others.
  • IMPORTANT The Zoom link for the course is in your Paypal receipt and it is the same link for every session.