Lightworkers Reading - £60

Lightworkers Reading
Perfect for those on the spiritual path seeking either guidance to help them move forwards on their personal evolutionary journey or those seeking further guidance concerning their spiritual mission on Earth. The reading may touch upon such topics as those Masters and Angels aligning with the aspirant at this moment in time, the rays and spiritual laws that they are being guided to work with, the spiritual elemental forces impacting the aspirant, sacred geometric energies that the aspirant needs to work with in order to achieve upgrade, the awakening of new spiritual potential and much, much more!

  • Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee. The reason for this is to ensure that infomation brought forward is always provided in accordance with permission from the client. If you want to buy a service from Edwin for someone else please give them the means to do so i.e. give them the money.
  • This is a spiritual reading for those journeying on the their spitiual path and focuses on these topics only.
  • The minimum age for readings and spiritual consultations from Edwin is 21.
  • The reading is conducted on the booked date and time and digitally recorded absently and sent to the client via email.
  • Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee.

SOLD OUT: Readings are released on a monthly basis. Subscribe to the waiting list (link on the menu above) to receive a notification email. When readings are available the dates will appear here.