Healing To Go is a guide book - for those new to the existence of healing, those already developing and utilising their healing power and those well advanced and professionally practising as healers in the world.

It can be dipped in and out of - as a reference book or manual or read from cover to cover providing an ever deepening experience and knowledge of what it is to be a healer and how to explore and develop such a gift. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience as a trained healer in the field Edwin Courtenay, spiritual teacher and author uses his clairvoyant ability and channelling of spirit to provide a comprehensive insight into the spiritual anatomy of mankind, its potential malfunctions and how to remedy them - revealing new elements of the energy system never written about before!

Packed full with exercises, scripted meditations and references to healing gods, saints, masters, angels and crystal the book also explores …

Plunge into a world of light and blessing - the power to heal both yourself, others and the world rests in your hands - now is the time to take the power and use it for the greater good of all in bringing lasting harmony and peace.

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