Crystals To Go offers the reader a grounded practical insight into the world of crystals from the perspective of Edwin Courtenay - clairvoyant, channel and Cunning Man. It provides an unbiased, educational, eye opening insight and is born from Edwin's experiences with crystals along his spiritual path of 28 years plus his own past life recall of having used crystals in Atlantis and the temples of ancient Egypt and Greece and in the shamanic tribes and cultures of the Aboriginee, Native Americans, Tibetans and Norse and Inuit tribes. It comes from Edwin's love for crystals, minerals and stones and their magical power and his many and varied conversations with their indwelling devas and spirits.

The book is not influenced by Edwin's desire to sell you expensive crystals (because he doesn't sell crystals) nor entice you to attend his crystal courses (because he doesn't teach about crystals) and neither are they coloured by his experiences with other crystal teachers (because even the ones he likes he doesn't share certain beliefs with). The book is written in such a way as to present spiritual truths in an easy to understand manner - no complicated rituals or practices but rather an attempt to present crystals as magical and living things to be worked with rather than programmed and commanded.

Part of the To Go... series Crystals To Go is a book that you can dip in and out of as well as reading cover to cover - it is a book you can carry with you as a reference book as well as use as a manual and guide for practice. A labour of love Edwin hopes it will ignite within you the same joy and love of stones that he has always held and inspire you to use the information stored within as a stepping stone to your own greater crystal adventures!

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