Ascension To Go was written to be the ultimate field guide for the light worker on the move - providing a handy reference book to be dipped in and out of by those seeking to remind themselves which Ascended Master is connected to which ray? and what the purpose of the threefold flame was again! A perfect resource book for both those new to the path of ascension as well as those seasoned acolytes. Ascension To Go condenses the often times esoteric and incoherent metaphysical babble of the ascension movement into clear and easy to understand concepts and truths providing a coherent approach to the topic that explores big questions with easy to digest answers, that can be passed on to enquiring minds with ease and grace.

Topics covered include:-

Grab your copy (and your coffee) and take a piece of enlightenment with you - after all you never know when you're going to need a bit of ascension in your day

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